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Help with downloads

Q: How do I download an mp3 and save it to my iPad or iPhone? I don't have another computer to sync to. It is my only computer device. I can't open .zip files either. iOS does not have a user file system.

There are many solutions, but here are two of the better ones:

1. Get a DropBox account (FREE) and the iPhone/iPad Universal app. It registers in the OS, and when you download files, you can transfer them from Safari and other apps into DropBox. 

When Dropbox is installed and set up, navigate to the mp3 file, tap and hold the link and a pop-up will display a list of options, including save to Dropbox. From there you can play back. 

2. Another method is to install iCab mobile. iCab mobile will let you download mp3 files directly onto your iPad/iPhone and store them there. Additionally, you can play back mp3 files within iCab. Further, iCab offers Dropbox integration.

Q: I purchased an mp3 audio and never received an email with a link for the download. Can you help?

It is possible that there was hang-up with the purchase registering in our system, or in some instances, customers have mistyped their email address and the email bounced back to us because the address was not valid. In any case, email us at support [at] with your contact information (name, email, date of order) and we will try to identify the problem.

Q: I ordered an mp3 audio product, but the link I received is to a .zip file. What do I do with that?

Multi-part mp3 messages are delivered as a .zip file to enclose the whole set. Most mobile devices don't support the ability to download zip files directly to the device, so you may need to use a desktop or laptop computer to download and extract the file, and then sync it to your device manually. In fact, that is the most fool-proof solution for getting any mp3 file onto your mobile device.